These are the stories of Atlantic City residents.teachers.clergy.workers.mothers.communities.fathers.nurses.organizers.champions.students.tenants.families.

Photos by Nastassia Davis, Jason Smart, Christian Correa, Ray Nunzi, and Christina Noble.

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One of the best parts of the project was seeing how truly excited and enthusiastic the students were through the whole process. Seeing them engaged and actually listening and then so excited to tell our story gave me some comfort that they’d tell it correctly.


Zach Katzen

Media partner/organizer

For me, one of the highlights of the project was hearing all the stories of the newsmakers and people we’d profiled last month. The event also brought out a number of people who weren’t featured in the series but also had great stories to share.


Buzz Keough

Media partner

What I liked about the project is in the bringing together the community to highlight its diversity and those positive experiences that unite us rather than divide. I enjoyed learning about the passion of emerging community leaders and what moves them to act for the benefit of others.


Michael Everett


What I liked best about the project was that real life stories were told about people who live in the community. The whole story, and not just the negative side of the story. The specific part in the process that stuck with me was how passionate everyone involved with the project is about changing the narrative of our city and making sure our stories are being told.


Lyntaga Smith


For me, the best part about this project was meeting members of the Atlantic City community who are endeavoring, each and every day, to make the city a better place to live and thrive. Interviewing such passionate educators – and activists, in a way – left a great impression on me that not only is it important to bring their stories to the forefront, but also that I myself can get involved and help, even in the tiniest ways, to make the environment around me better.


Marissa Luca

Student/media partner

What I liked most about the project, hands down, had to be the diversity and inclusion. Some look at Princess, Inc. and what my team and I do for this community as a “little program,” but genuine mentoring, community service, and offering resources to the underserved in communities bogged with blight is more than “a little” anything.


Indra Owens


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