Meet the Fellows

2021-2022 Cohort

Marco Avila

My desire is to take advantage of my bilingual, and interpersonal skills to work very closely with my local community, by sharing motivational stories that not only can be used as a guidance tool, to work on a common goal; but at the same time to help in the process of discovering new ways to maintain our cultural values, to make Atlantic City a better place to stay, live, and visit.

Shalini Basu

My storytelling approach is my thank you to Atlantic City for welcoming my family as immigrants to a foreign country and offering friendship, opportunity and a safe haven. As a social worker I pride myself on being an advocate for my patients and I hope to bring that same ability to help shine a brighter light on Atlantic City thru the reporting platform.

LOreal Chrisp

People thrive off relatable impressions. As a community liaison, artist, and advocate for children and families, I push to get the voices heard and the realities in front of the eyes. WE ARE DANCERS, VOCALIST, FREELANCERS, AND MOTHERS! Let us grow together, survive together, and succeed knowing that we must water every seed and watch them flourish.

Christian Correa

I share empowering stories of curiosity, connection, and courage. Amidst society’s increasingly polarized landscape of distrust, I choose to highlight the individuals and ideas that move us in towards one another, and up to our highest potential. 

Check out some of my work HERE!

Michelle Hamlett

As a Black woman, elder, and mother, I resonate with marginalized communities whose voices aren’t always heard. I aim to lift up the stories of those forgotten and provide accurate, vital information for their well-being. I believe in this great City of Atlantic City!

Lyndell Harris

As a veteran health care employee and woman of color I am invested in promoting a better quality of life for residents in the Atlantic City community with special interest for, “ Senior Citizens.” Sharing vital information and supportive services helps seniors maintain their livelihood.  Being a journalist is much more than just writing, it’s about having a real connection and building relationships with the people you serve.

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Zach Katzen

I write with purpose and intention, working to highlight the stories of struggle and inspiration. My passion for our community and its history, arts, and people pour through me. I believe in the everlasting power of the written word and hope to empower, inspire, and honor others through the stories I share.

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Caitlin Maffei

As a sociologist, I look so understand the why. I always say that I love to learn, and learning is continual. Access to knowledge creates powerful individuals, and my goal is to be able to give our communities the information that allows them to thrive. My hope is that I can serve the city in a way that allows the residents to feel encouraged and empowered, and remind the world what Atlantic City truly is. 

Alexandra Mazzo

“Lead by example” has always been a quote that has motivated me to learn how to better myself, so I can go into the world with more awareness and understanding. Based on my own life experiences, my storytelling intends to uplift unheard voices and encourage others to serve themselves first, so that we can all be better dinner guests at the communal table. 

Shawn Mills

As a native of this great city and having a personal story of recovery, I feel it’s my purpose to use my personal stories of resilience as a guideline to report pertinent information for possible solutions. I was flabbergasted to unveil countless latent resources available right under our noses, which I am determined to reveal to the masses.

Tina Notaro

I am a connector-reflector fueled by the force of radical love. By bringing people together, we can embrace that which makes us the same. Only from this place of love and understanding can we labor to bridge the gaps in our civic engagement and collective joy. By showing up with these intentions, I can serve as a conductor for lasting, positive connection between Atlantic City’s 39,000 residents. 

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Kelley Prevard

My storytelling approach is fueled by my unique perspective as a Black woman, artist, and Atlantic City native. I aim to share stories of community engagement and art that will inspire AC’s changemakers.

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Michelle Tomko

Originally from the Midwest, I have the opportunity to report on Atlantic City with “new eyes”. I feel the excitement of where I live. I enjoy creating and performing here. I love the diversity. I am at the heart of everything, a storyteller. I plan to weave the story of Atlantic City one thread at a time.

Raymond Tyler

As an Atlantic City native, born and reared, I focus on revealing the dangers of false hope, the inspiration of people that have succeeded, and solutions that are often hidden. From radio to comic strips to TV to magazines, my work has appeared in audio and visual stories for national and local sources.

Christina Walley

As a current resident, business owner, educator, and artist in Atlantic City, I look forward to meeting new community members and sharing their stories on progressive opportunities that focus on educational programs for youth in technology and non-traditional artist opportunities. I believe hearing these untold stories of community members will aid in a positive change in the Atlantic City narrative.

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Carol Yeomans 

My storytelling approach highlights resilient stories that do not receive proper exposure. I focus on bringing awareness to stories that do not have much of a voice. I am committed to changing the narrative in my city when it comes to the trust the community has in local journalists. In the future, I plan to be a well known writer.

Doris Zheku

Atlantic City’s story is my family’s story. So much money pours in and changes hands in the city that the streets should be paved with gold – yet almost half of residents live at or below the poverty line. I want to be an ally to the community and not just another person, institution or promise that fails them.

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