Artist Meetup Blog

In this blog, community organizer Jacob Wolos shares recaps on each season, extra notes taken during meetings, and thoughts about how we draw from each other, scholars, and ancestors to build community.
We invite you to contribute your own reflections by emailing [email protected] directly.

Entry 2: February 2024

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In this letter, Jacob shares some of the community’s thoughts on how to lessen the impact of the judgmental voices we hear when creating our art. Also, he ponders a few ways we can work together in our meeting spaces each month to use community as a method of diffusing fear.

Entry 1: July 2023–January 2024

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In this opening letter and the blog’s very first recap, Jacob introduces their thoughts on how a blog could benefit the Artist Meetups by extending community-making out past the walls of the CRIL space.

Mentioned (in no particular order):
• bell hooks
• Mutual aid
• Ross Gay’s “Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude”
• Impermanence vs. improvisation
• What it means to feel like we are “surviving” and how we can make it easier for each other