Intergenerational Project

These are the stories of Atlantic City elders.

As of 2024, we have collected 20 stories of our community elders. Click here to listen to snippets of their experiences in Atlantic City.

Fall 2023 Reunion

On November 17, 2023, Stories of Atlantic City (SOAC) hosted our first Intergenerational Storytelling Project Celebration and Reunion at Stockton University’s Noyes Arts Garage in Atlantic City.

Attended by over 30 guests who have participated or want to learn more about our growing project, this event highlighted community efforts and the collaborative re-telling of Atlantic City history between local elders and Stockton students.

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Fall 2022

Stories of Atlantic City is proud to collaborate once again with Dr. Christina Morus’ Media, Civil Rights, and Social Change class, COMM 3309, for the third installation of the The Intergenerational Civil Rights Digital Storytelling Project.

For the Fall 22 project, students conducted interviews with community members who attended Atlantic City High School in the 1960s.
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In Fall 2020, Stories of Atlantic City has partnered with Dr. Christina Morus’ Media, Civil Rights, and Social Change course and Atlantic City’s Golden Circle club. Stockton students interviewed Atlantic City community elders about their memories of the Civil Rights Movement, their feelings about the current Black Lives Matter protests, and their reflections on the history and future of racial (in)justice in Atlantic City and beyond. Theirs are the first voices in our Intergenerational Community Storytelling Project.

Spring 2021 brought us a new group of students and community participants. This time, our community participants were all women, and their stories included incredible visual elements.

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Belinda Manning

Spring 2021

Alma Walker

Fall 2020

Valeria Marcus

Spring 2021

Alfreda Mills

Fall 2020

Ralph Hunter

Fall 2020

Devolia Hill

Fall 2020

Irene Pridgen

Spring 2021

Photos by Nastassia Davis and Christina Noble.
Instrumental beats by Chillhop Music (feat. Ron Jordan, Dr. Juanita High, Michael Stafford and Ralph Hunter)