AC Phone Tree


As our community responds to a global pandemic, we know our best chance to fight this crisis is to become united and stay informed. At the onset of the quarantine, many began cancelling or postponing gatherings. Our team made the swift decision to move our first event of 2020 to the online Zoom meeting platform. In an attempt to connect with our community through virtual events, we recognized that there was a large segment of our community who we weren’t reaching. Stories of AC decided to adopt a community information phone tree model developed by Free Press, to reach people who either don’t have internet access or aren’t otherwise able to engage online.


This phone tree is intended to build connections between your neighbors and local resources by surveying their information needs via phone. We are asking our callers to start with people you know who can’t or won’t access reliable information online. Callers can also feel free to ask around for people outside of your network to contact, including community groups you are affiliated with. The idea is to share information and resources within our community and also to gather any stories of resilience and hope community members would like to share. Stories of Atlantic City will take these records and connect your neighbors with the proper resources.



Want to get involved? Email [email protected] to see how you can become an agent of change in your community!