For the 2020 expansion of the project, one of our top priorities was to host and coordinate more community story-sharing gatherings in neighborhoods across our city. Our Community Vision Event, Friday March 13th, coincided with the implementation of new social distancing practices, cancellations, and major changes to our everyday lives.

The original purpose of the Community Vision Event was to gather community and media stakeholders to hear ideas about a new, shared vision for Stories of Atlantic City. We wanted to learn what types of story gathering events appeal to the community. We wanted to learn what interest there was in story creation events (writing, photography/video, stand-up comedy, poetry, art). We wanted to hear more about where there is a void in storytelling.

While many were canceling or postponing gatherings, our team made the swift decision to move our first event to the online Zoom meeting platform. We talked about what role media plays to help AC residents better understand COVID-19. We asked what information AC residents need to navigate COVID-19. This was a success.

We are currently living through a significant historical event. This global pandemic is shifting and shaping what our new “normal” will look like. Our lives will be forever changed. We at Stories of AC are taking this time to capture and preserve the stories of our community.