Community Reporter Fellowship


We are excited to announce a PAID opportunity for AC community members looking to create real change: The Community Reporter Fellowship!

Stories of Atlantic City’s Community Reporter Fellowship is a 7-month civic education and journalism skill-building program, training community members to provide better access to critical local information. Members of our cohort will be trained to report on important local meetings (Executive Council, City Council, Casino Reinvestment and Development Authority, the Board of Education, etc.) and events and will earn a stipend for their work. We understand that accurate information sharing is critical to our democracy. Our goal is to fill in the gap where traditional journalism methods are not meeting the larger Atlantic City community’s information needs.

Community Reporters will:

  1. Receive training in community reporting.
  2. Build meaningful relationships within their cohort and community. 
  3. Identify opportunities for broadening their civic engagement, journalism best practices, and methods to capture and share a story.
  4. Develop a portfolio by creating news products and story deliverables to share information with the community.

The Fellowship will commence in October 2021 and culminate in April 2022. 

Love the opportunity, but unable to participate at this moment in time? Trust us, we get it. You can still help by spreading the word!

Stories of Atlantic City’s Community Reporter Project is part of the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium. Created by the state of New Jersey in 2018, the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium is an independent, nonprofit organization that funds initiatives to benefit the State’s civic life and meet the evolving information needs of New Jersey’s communities. A first-in-the-nation project, the Consortium builds off the foundation laid by public media in the United States, and reimagines how public funding can be used to address the growing problem of news deserts and misinformation, and support more informed communities.