A Message From Our New Part-Time Project Manager

Greetings SOAC Community,

My name is Christina Noble and I’m excited to announce (drum roll, please) my new role as  Part-Time Project Manager for Stories of Atlantic City! I consider this a great honor.

My family roots run deep in Atlantic City. My parents were born, raised and fell in love here. My grandparents collectively brought 15 children into the world here. I too was born here. And, unfortunately, my brother tragically died here. I have loved and lost in this city. I have seen its beauty, but also its “not so pretty” parts. However, it’s not the allure of the casinos and the flashing lights that draw me back to this often misrepresented city, but the resiliency and solidarity of its people.

Although I have resided on the outskirts of Atlantic City for much of my life, it has always been an extension of home. As a child, I fondly remember weekly visits with my parents and siblings, making rounds to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My mother would always tell us nostalgic stories of her upbringing as we rode through the streets, passing by monuments and neighborhoods that held special places in her heart. She was always so joyful as she spoke of her former community. 

Through the years, I have worked and volunteered closely with the city’s youth and artistic community. I assisted in the planning, organizing and participation in events including Atlantic City’s Juneteenth festival, The Nubian Nutcracker production, and the “Nina in Motion” dance production hosted at Dante Hall . However, one of the real joys I experienced was working for the City of Atlantic City Summer Camps where I was able to share my passion of dance with more than 200 students. I saw the resiliency of the city bottled up in these little souls. They were some of the most diverse, dynamic and resourceful youth I have worked with in all my years!

As I step into this new role, I am most excited about helping to change the narrative of this city as it is often portrayed by the media. I aim to make this a collaborative effort. Therefore, I need your help! Let’s show the world that the real beauty of “America’s Playground” lies in the stories of its people: stories of strength, stories of altruism, stories of authenticity, and stories of togetherness.