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‘Best barber in the world’

By Bill Sprouse, Route 40 News

Abdullah Anderson Sr., who is 48, cuts hair five days a week at Omar and Abdullah’s Hair Bazaar at 1208 Atlantic Avenue. He opens his shop at six a.m. two days a week (the other three days he opens at eight), and he works until six or eight p.m. every day.

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Where the American dreamers work

By Elinor Comlay, Route 40 News

You’d be hard pressed to say it was a thriving Main Street, but the barbershop, Mexican restaurant, pizza place, tobacco store, mini-mart and even the closed-looking gift store are all open on a short span of Atlantic City’s Ventnor Ave, between Harrisburg and Trenton. In an age of dying malls and online shopping, something is working here in the Lower Chelsea neighborhood.

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Growing success from Atlantic City roots

By Lynda Cohen, Breaking AC

An entrepreneur falls in love with public relations, and uses her skills to highlight the spirit of Atlantic City and the businesses who are reigniting it. A young man pushes past the stereotypes of his surroundings, and works to clear a path for other kids. An immigrant finds a new language and new strength in her adopted home, and now fights for others as a civil rights investigator.

These are among the true Stories of Atlantic City.

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