Remembering Earl Harvey, AC Media Legend

By Evan Sanchez, Co-Founder, Authentic City Partners

“If it’s happening, it’s happening here.” – Earl Harvey

You always knew you were in the right place when Earl was there, and he had a way of being everywhere.

His smile was infectious.

His warmth was radiant.

His personality was magnetic.

I can’t remember where I first met Earl, but I remember the interaction in late 2015 very clearly. He hit me with his catchphrase: “If it’s happening, it’s happening here.”I’m pretty sure he added “baby” to the end of the line.

He went on to warmly welcome me back to Atlantic City, as I had just moved home from New York City. I was early in my “listening tour” and told by many local “celebrities” that I needed to meet Earl. They were right.

Earl was a man about town in Atlantic City and Philadelphia with a commitment to spreading the good news with his community-centric AC Times newspaper, which you could pick up pretty much anywhere in town. It was filled with local happenings and oozed with city pride. I’d always grab a copy at Hot Bagels or Formica’s and walk away with a better understanding of what’s “happening here.”

I was consistently amazed at Earl’s work ethic and his way with the people he met in his travels: he was always so smooth and natural.

Every time I’d see him, he’d talk to me about his mother and his commitment to her wellbeing. His care for his community was matched by his care for his family.

I never heard a bad word about him—and rightfully so because I never heard him say a bad word about anyone or our city.

I only wish I had had the chance to get to know him better.